FIU Amsterdam An introduction by Waldo Bien and mission statement by Patrick Healy from waldo bien on Vimeo.



The F.I.U. Amsterdam has the following aims:

a. To support and enable activities taking place in the spiritual context of the Free International University, as principally defined by Joseph Beuys, Heinrich Böll and others.

b. To carry out interdisciplinary research and education.

c. To produce publications and exhibitions.

d. To carry out social projects and activities in the field of art and science and the ecology of the future.

e. Socio-economic models.

f. Legal thinking and questioning of law, in light of newly developed models.

g. Archiving and the transmission of knowledge through various media.

h. To assemble study collections (FIUWAC) as educational aids, all in the broadest definition of the word and in a Free International Universal spiritual domain, and to visualise world-wide the process of social sculpture and subsequently everything related to it.

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